Second Date After First Date! How?

By | December 4, 2017

So the first date is set up, you haven’t gone out yet, and you already know you are really into this person. You are not sure what to wear, you can’t figure out how to do your hair, and all of your nerves are on end. With all of this going on, it may sometimes feel like it will be impossible to get a second date after this. What will you do or say that will make you intriguing enough to get asked out on a second date? You’ll read on. Read on and follow these simple guidelines that will help you to get that second date a little bit more easily.

Wear the right clothes. Ask your date where you are going before you get dressed. This will help you to select an appropriate outfit for the setting.

Have a friend do your hair. They will not get as frustrated as you will, and they won’t take it down a half million times and try to start over like you may be temped to do.

On the date, be friendly and honest. Learn about your date, and share some things about yourself. Get comfortable in their presence.

Turn off your cell phone if you can. It is thought to be extremely rude when you are out with someone and they suddenly strike up a phone conversation that makes you feel as if you are eating alone.

Be yourself!!!!! It is so important that you be who you really are on your first date. If you try to impress your date, you may come off as phony, and you don’t want that. Trust that they will like you for who you really are, and if they can’t, know that they are not the right person for you.

You are a wonderful person, and a great catch. You will find someone who knows that. When you do, they will be working just as hard as you are for that second date.

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