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Five Benefits of Good Corporate Image

“Bad publicity is still publicity.” Such statement is one of the most common yet dangerous cliches ever. Isn’t it better to be remembered because of good deeds rather than controversial scandals? The greatest heroes and leaders of histories are immortalized because of their significant contributions. On the other hands, those that have been a scourge… Read More »

Pros and Cons of Morning After Pills

The use of morning after pill has both advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Here are a few pros and cons you need to be aware of: Pros: 1. It can be your last resort to avoid unwanted pregnancy. 2. If you are 17 years of age or over, you don’t need a prescription to… Read More »

Niccolo Machiavelli, "The Morals of the Prince"

In "The Morals of the Prince," Niccolo Machiavelli argues the various methods of being a successful prince. He states that a prince can not always be good, and if he wants to keep his post he must learn not to be good. Basically, Machiavelli states that if you are too generous, the non-generous people will… Read More »

What Do Rats Eat?

Rats eat a wide variety of food. They have voracious appetites and will eat almost anything. They are true omnivorous scavengers, but mostly prefer grain, livestock feed, and meat. Rats have also been known to eat soap, leather, furs, candy, milk, meat, vegetables, poultry, eggs, grain, seeds, fruit, nuts, snails and other rodents. A rat… Read More »

Solihull Couriers Offering the Best Deals on Parcel Delivery

Solihull, nine miles from England's second largest city Birmingham, is ideally placed to make the most of the opportunities that are available. Businesses in the town have obtained the advantage of being close enough to Birmingham to take advantage of the market there but without having to pay the costs that are associated with working… Read More »

Great Gatsby’s Blueprint For Success

When I read biographies, autobiographies, or management articles and textbooks, I’m always impressed by one commonality among all successful people: they all set goals. I suppose all normal human beings do that every day; they have a mental plan of what they will accomplish during the day, or in the short run. For the successful… Read More »

Recipe For Home Made Detergent

Recession times. Are you fed up with the heavily priced detergents that never remove the stains that they promise to? Is your skin sensitive to the sturdy perfumed chemicals used in the detergents? Well, I might have a solution for all your washing woes !!! I'm going to help you can prepare you own laundry… Read More »

How to Make Your Penis Rock Hard Naturally

A vast majority of men face erectile problems throughout the world. Getting hard and firm erections is a prerequisite to a satisfactory sexual intercourse and if you get weaker or softer erections or no erections at all, it is but natural for you to be looking for products to help you improve your sexual health.… Read More »

Your Body’s Mystery Chemical

Serotonin is on everyone’s lips lately. This strange little neurotransmitter shows up in all sort of weird places. Its role in mood regulation is so critical that many researchers call it the ‘happy molecule.’ It regulates appetite too. Hypnotists – I hope you’re paying attention. This little bundle of joy is worth paying attention to.… Read More »

Boise REOs Set to Continue Increasing

The Boise real estate market has faced its own set of challenges and some of the circumstances facing it are getting worse. Although the job market across the nation has had substantial losses and may even get worse, the Boise job market has been devastated. The largest local employers have been gutted by the recent… Read More »